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Sidney Vander Waal

April 9, 2012
Springfield, Missouri

Begins at Noon, Monday, May 7, 2012
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Doug & Linda Vander Waal – Springfield, Missouri
Kathy Vander Waal – Georgia

In Memory Of

Sidney Vander Waal
Springfield, Missouri
(Formerly of Pella and Phoenix, Arizona)
(Age 82)

March 7, 1930 - April 9, 2012

Sidney Eugene was born March 7, 1930 to James & Christine Vander Waal in Pella, Iowa where his heart remained for no matter where he hung his hat Pella was his home never far from his thoughts. He grew up on a farm not far from town & knowing his sense of adventure was a handful to his parents. He was the baby in his family with an older brother John & sister "Dot". He didn't need his height to attract further attention but he figured when you're 6'7' you might as well take advantage of it. He was blessed, not surprisingly, with two very tall children: Doug & Kathy. He had three grandchildren: Crystal Callahan, Kara Beiler, Justin Bivona; plus three great grandchildren: Corin, Kylen & Kairi Beiler.

Raised in church he found his one true love which was music. His favorites were the good old hymns & country tunes but patriotic music placed third in his heart. He loved singing along with the marching bands in the parades or even if someone started playing any kind of instrument. He knew all the tunes so when Karaoke became popular he was the first in line to buy all the CD's to be prepared to sing anytime asked. In fact when looking to move to Springfield he wrote a letter to the manager at Lancelot Apartments warning her she needed to get a Karaoke machine before he arrived. This is how he ended up singing "Take Me out to the Ballgame" at one of our Springfield Cardinal baseball games a few years back. He started chatting up the announcers & next thing you know they are handing him a microphone. Enjoying all sports he kept close track of his home college teams although baseball was his favorite so to sing for a "huge crowd "at the Springfield Cardinal's game was a thrill of a lifetime.

He moved to Arizona years ago to be close to his sister, Dot, plus he loved the heat. He was employed as a security officer, which he enjoyed till he retired. The family joked he must have missed the heat so much that after moving to Springfield 6 years ago, he would put his jacket & cap on wherever he went even during the summer heat. Sid enjoyed walking everywhere & took off on foot whenever he wanted to go. He was a favored customer at many fast food restaurants so he also enjoyed a few free meals as well.

He was fond of writing letters so if you didn't get one of those long, hand written letters on yellow tablet paper, he just didn't know your address. He talked to people wherever he went so by the time he parted ways he knew names of your parents, grandparents, where born & raised or whether you were Democrat or Republican. He kept up on all news so he could find a common ground when talking with anyone whether be it a sport, music preference or political opinions. When coming to visit Pella, he preferred to stay at the motel close to McDonald's so he could catch everyone he knew for latest news about town.

One unique quality Sid had was that he never lost his childlike playfulness. So what do you get when you match that with an entertaining personality & sense of humor? The answer? He dressed up as the Easter Bunny, Santa's elf, a hippy with long hair or Uncle Sam for July 4th just to name a few as there are many more costumes over the years. He could always bring out a laugh or two from anyone when hamming it up. His calling was leading sing-a-longs for all group activities wherever he lived in later years.

Sid passed away in his sleep on April 9, 2012 to be missed by family and many friends he met along his 82 years of life. He'll not be forgotten as there will never be another Sid Vander Waal as God made him.

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